trammell crow center // social media.

Following its completion in 1985, Trammell Crow Center has become an icon in the Dallas skyline. Standing at 708 feet tall, the building is recognized for its towering height, granite façade, and dazzling glass pyramid. Originally built as the Ling-Temco-Vought headquarters, Trammell Crow Center is home to over 1.1 million square feet of office space designed with its tenants in mind.

the story.

Trammell Crow Center has reinvented itself, ushering in a new chapter in its already rich history. A $140 million renovation brings new additions such as expansive retail space, a conference center, and modern amenities and conveniences. Stream Realty, who manages the building, hired RBA as TCC’s digital agency of record to craft a unique social strategy to introduce the world to the new TCC in a big way.

the strategy.

In our first year the goal was to create awareness and community engagement—something we succeeded in, big time. The unique strategy included curating the very best in Dallas-centric content with an emphasis on the Arts District—the home of TCC. We utilized content that resonated with our audiences and tailor-made content calendars for each of the top social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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What we did

  • Brand Design
  • Strategy
  • Digital Media
“Stream came to RBA looking to change up strategy and elevate content on Trammell Crow Center's social media. In our first year, they have surpassed all expectations and our metrics and KPIs are up across the board. Looking forward to what year two brings!”

- Sara Terry, Senior VP Stream Realty

the results.

After a full year of the implementation of our social media strategy we saw a huge increase in numbers across the board. By showcasing the Arts District, highlighting local Dallas eateries, and emphasizing Trammell Crow Center’s beautiful renovation, we were able to engage users while also growing the TCC brand. With a 107% increase in Facebook impressions, 40,915% increase in LinkedIn impressions, 821% increase in Twitter impressions, and a 667% increase in Instagram impressions, we can proudly say that the difference is Night and Day.