Meet Stephanie Shorter; Graphic Design Intern at RocketBrand

What is your background?

I am a graphic designer who recently graduated with a BFA from Oklahoma State University. My favorite projects from school in school include: branding for a hypothetical punk music festival, a magazine designed for alternative pop music fans, and an album rebrand for a band called Autolux—I ended up winning an honorable mention for this project and it was on display for the OSU Juried Exhibition.

Throughout my college experience I worked as a student graphic designer at the Wellness Department at OSU for two years and interned for Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City for a semester. My biggest accomplishment so far has been finishing my capstone exhibition in the Spring, where I showed off my best projects. The coolest thing about it was that thousands of people saw it—I sometimes still see some stickers I made for the projects on random strangers laptops!



Why did you choose to intern at RocketBrand?

Everyone here is extremely friendly and talented. It has paid of so much to work here because I have been able to learn and transition from college to the working world easily with the help of everyone here. RocketBrand has given me great experience and so much encouragement throughout my time here.


What is your role at RocketBrand?

I am the graphic design intern at RocketBrand, so far I have helped with case study mock ups, social media images and signage. When I am not working on client work, I am on my iPad drawing things that we might be able to use for social media or creating birthday cards for people in the office!


What has been your favorite project thus far?

So far, my favorite project has been working on birthday cards for people in the office. I have been working on creating unique cards on and off since I started interning here in May and it has pushed me to get better at hand lettering, which is something I have always wanted to work with.

I also really enjoyed working on the mixer invitation images. I especially enjoyed making the Halloween party invitations because I didn’t know I was able to draw the things I did as well as I did (or as well as I think I did).




What is an important lesson or skill you have learned and will take with you in your career?

If I had to pick anything out of the countless lessons I have learned here, it would be to always question things if you aren’t sure about something, and to be confident in yourself! Working at RocketBrand has been so great because it is so different from what I was used to in college. I have been able to adjust to the changes and continue learning from everyone.



Walk us through one of your favorite memories.

One of my favorite memories was the Halloween costume party when our Creative Director Jaime walked out as a “goth girl,” and Brandon, Our Video editor, dressed as his girlfriend. Any time either of them walked into the room I thought they were a random person. It was fun to dress up—and everyone who dressed up went all out.