Meet Courtney Johnson, Content Strategist at RocketBrand

What is your background?

I grew up in Minnesota, moved to Tyler, Texas, then attended Texas Christian University where I studied Strategic Communications and Psychology. TCU was so impactful on my career— I learned so much from my professors and mentors, and I was able to start working on real clients with design and website development when I was only 18. My first big marketing gig was an internship for TCU Athletics where I ran promotions for football and soccer. I’ve always loved sports, so while I was in college I spent a few years as a professional cheerleader— two seasons as a Dallas Stars Ice Girl and one summer in Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. My passion for marketing grew from seeing the “behind the scenes” marketing aspects of the NFL and NHL. After a few internships in college and some busy years cheering, I worked at an agency as a digital media manager for two years, then landed my job at RocketBrand to start the social media department and expand RocketBrand’s digital media presence. 


What drew you to a career in marketing and advertising?

I grew up with a love of writing, design, technology, and creativity, so this industry was the perfect combination of them all. Getting into marketing and advertising was always a no-brainer for me– I wanted a career that could also serve as a creative outlet.


What’s your favorite part about working at RocketBrand?

There’s SO much I love about RocketBrand. My favorite thing is probably the high standards of work that’s expected here. Everything we do is expected to be extraordinary and world-class. Because of this expectation, every single person that works here is extremely passionate, creative, and hardworking. 



What do you do outside of work?

I coach high school cheerleading and dance teams as my side gig and I love it. I also judge tryouts and competition and run camps and clinics. Dance is a HUGE passion of mine–I’m always taking dance classes and trying out new styles. I’m also really into yoga, running, and anything outdoors. Luckily, I live right by White Rock Lake, so I’m pretty much always on the trail.


What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

Nothing will ever beat climbing the Swiss Alps and boating on Lake Lucerne. I’m a sucker for the mountains, and Switzerland stole my heart.


What’s your guilty pleasure movie or show?

Probably House Hunters. Or any weird murder documentary. It’s a mixed bag…


Best Dallas BBQ?

Off the Bone in SouthSide district. Any time a friend comes to Dallas from out of town, it’s the first place I take them and they’re never disappointed. 


What music are you currently listening to?

George Strait’s 50 ‘Number Ones’ album has pretty much been on repeat on my playlists since 2004, but Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson are my all-time favorites!


What inspires you?

My family is so motivating and encouraging when it comes to my career. My parents always told me, “Do more than what is expected of you and you’ll stand out— if you’re asked to do the dishes, clean the floors, too. At a minimum just go at least one step beyond.” That’s probably the best career advice I’ve ever been given. 



What advice you’d give someone looking to get into Marketing and Advertising?

First, keep learning. Don’t know where to start? Pick up a book. It’s like having the best advice from the best mentors throughout history on demand. Next, ask for feedback and learn to accept criticism. Failure is part of the process. Lastly (and most importantly) aim high and don’t waver.