• brands bigger than trends

  • focus on what matters

  • great brands begin with purpose

we are

RocketBrand is a full-service branding and advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, named as one of Ad Age’s Top 25 Best Places to Work in the country. Our purpose is to help good people do great things. We build brands using creativity, strategy, and a get-shit-done attitude. 

We come from a world where handshakes mean something, where ideas and concepts still start with some old fashioned pencil and paper, and where turning off your screen is paramount to the creative process.

Our agency is a place where clients are worth more than their annual spend, where we embrace criticism, welcome challenges, and do whatever it takes to succeed. In this business, there’s no magic formula, no secret serum. Just smart people rolling up their sleeves, putting in the work, the late nights, and having the mental fortitude to do whatever it takes.

We believe the most important element in advertising is the truth. It’s one small step for brands—one giant leap for brand kind.

We are brand kind.

Full Team Ahead. Put the team first and your ego last. Respect the group, listen, and encourage. Treat your teammates and our clients with empathy and kindness.

Get Sh*t Done. Crush deadlines, follow process, and create work that wins. Be detail-oriented, determined, and well-prepared. Do whatever it takes and own the results.

Client Love. Treat clients like people, not paychecks. Be grateful for the opportunity to partner with our clients. Don’t bunt—aim for the fences with every client and every project.

Learn For Life. Be eager to learn, teach, and adapt. Be open minded and explore outside our comfort zone. Be curious and commit to self-improvement.

Seriously Awesome. Create seriously awesome work. Genuinely love the work we do. Take the work seriously, but not yourself.

the team.

The best companies have the best people. We believe in bringing together people from different backgrounds, different skill sets, and different experiences to form one mentality—to create the best work for our clients. Albert Einstein once said, “the day you stop learning is the day you start dying.” Our people relentlessly pursue knowledge and deep understanding of our craft, as well as our clients’ businesses. Because that’s how we keep growing and producing results that change consumer perceptions and create advocates for our clients’ brands.